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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news out of oakland, a device that looks like is found on the street. more than 100 years of history burned to the ground. crews still on the scene of a devastating fire in san jose. >> the petaluma little leaguers back in the headline. but this time, the news is not that great, what some of the players are accused of. a live look outside on this feel-good friday. a bay bridge look. that is san francisco on this friday, april 26th. this is "today in the bay." it is 4:30.
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good morning, everybody. a very happy friday to one and all. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news. streets shut down because of a grenade found out in oakland. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live at that scene. you are there. what can you see? what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, jon. i just spoke with one oakland police officer helping to control traffic around here. he told me he has walked near this and in his opinion, it looks like an old grenade on the street corner. it is on the block. you can see a red sign and below that is a fire hydrant. that's where it is at, 48th and international. the call came in 25 mimnutes ag. an officer walked up, turned off his radio and confirmed that is what it does look like. a wide perimeter set up here, about three blocks shut down between 47th and 50th. also, some of the side streets
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impacted as well. what's happening is that cars are forced to turn off. one officer tells me normally, under these circumstances, they would call in the bomb squad to come and check it out. so he thinks that may be what's happening. they don't know if it is real or fake. as a precaution, they have the streets closed. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie smith, thank you very much. we will keep our eye on that one. >> we are also keeping an eye on our forecast on this friday morning. want to say good morning to meteorologist, christina loren. good morning to you, laura and jon. a little bit hot inland. you have your days off coming your way. it is going to be perfect. half moon bay, pacifica, san moon bay. 52 in livermore. low 80s in the warmest cities across the bay area.
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tomorrow, mid-80s. upper 80s and 90s around the corner. let you know when the heat will break. first, we want to take a look at your drive on a friday. there are some interesting things happening out there. >> some things we don't need to know about very early in the morning. we reported to chp. you keep that to yourself. you look to the bay bridge. one of your congested spots. not very congested. christie smith just told us, 48th and international. that's just south of where high street crosses over that major roadway through oakland. we will track that as well. we are looking at the maps towards the maze. no problems for the eastshore freeway. one incident reported as you are traveling towards hilltop. a crash over the last few minutes. there may be some activities in the roadways. we are going to track that. traffic is so light, you are able to get around that. watch the flashing lights and i'll bring you the update as they come in from chp. back to you. this morning, south bay fire investigators trying to figure out what caused a historic
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building to go up in flames. crews worked through the nights to put out the flames at the victorian building on south first street near 280 in san jose. fire broke out at 9:30. there were initial reports that a family was living on the second floor of the building. firefighters say no one was inside at the time. it is still unclear whether people were living there illegally. the hotspots are out. now, crews are worried the wooden building, which was built in 1884, could collapse because of the damage. >> there was initially some problems with collapse and electrical wires that were dropping down. they were huge safety hazards for us. >> the bike shop opened at the location back in the early 1920s and was run by the faber family until it was sold in the 1970s. the current owner said they closed the shop back in february and they think someone may have burglarized the store. we still have some inventory inside, then, set the building on fire.
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no one was hurt. >> new this morning on the international scene, thousands of angry protesters taking to the streets of bangladesh today. two days after the deadly factory collapsed killing nearly 300 people. the protesters there upset over the working conditions in the garment industry. they ran through the streets of dhaka throwing rocks. officers fired back with tear gas and rubber bullets. rescuers continue to search for any survivors hoping for a miracle. at least 291 people are now confirmed dead. the number is expected to climb. officials say as many as 1,000 people are still missing. far, 2200 people have been rescued. workers say a crack, a big crack was discovered in a wall of that eight-story building the day before it actually came down. but, they were told the building was reportedly inspected and declared safe. the building housed a number of garment factories. the question is, what caused the
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collapse? that's still under investigation. >> a bill aimed at legalizing sports belting in california has cleared another hurdle. state senate bill 190 just passed. the bill would allow betting on most sports, except for college athletics. local universities, including stanford, asked the sen naate committee to drop the plan. opponents say 25% of gamblers in treatment programs are sports beters and this would make the problem worse. casinos say californians are already betting in nevada and this would keep the money in the state where they say it belodges. >> former san francisco state university director accused of more than 100 counts of bribery will be in court. he is expected to be arraigned on 128 felony counts. prosecutors say he took bribes from stephon chong, the owner of an environmental waste firm.
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they were in exchange for $4 million in university contracts for chung's company. chung will also be arraigned today. also in court today, the man accused in a drunk and driving crash that ultimately killed three members of a daly city family. police say dennis had alcohol in his system when he crashed another car last night, crashed right into that other car, killing a woman and her two sons. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges and he will be in court today to set a preliminary hearing date. >> 4:37. the little league world champions from petaluma, back in the spotlight. not for the right reasons. some of the players on that team are now accused of bullying. petaluma jr. high school suspended players on the team after another player accused them of bullying. the president of the petaluma national little league board says the league is adopted a new anti-bullying policy. >> publishing a letter on our
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website addressing our concerns about this bullying problem. we are going to put a link to the bullying policy and educate our coaches and we want them to talk to their teams about it. two of mt. diablo's highest ranking school leaders are out of a job. the mt. diablo school board voting late last night to fire superintendent steven lawrence. also let go was general counsel fred bowlen. they say the district needed a change in leadership and pointed to low employee morale and lack of public trust. the district will now hold another meeting this sunday to appoint an interim superintendent. we want to check the forecast. it is friday. doesn't matter if it is going to rain or not, it is friday. you can scream it from the mountain tops. good morning, laura and jon. good morning to you at home. you made it.
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it is going to be a warm weekend. you might want to make those plans to get on out o the beach around the bay. perfect. inland, a little bit on the warm side. there are ways to combat the heat, though. you can go ahead and clothes the windows in your home today and make sure that you have all your a.c. ready to go for this weekend. we are going to hit the 90s. good morning to you, temperatures this morning are in the 50s. it is nice and crisp out there. this is a good time to open up the windows in your home. let all the cool air in as long as it lasts. by 12 today, we are going to be in the mid to upper 60s and the 70s. as we head throughout 2:00 to 3:00, by 4:00 p.m., the 80s. the 90s on the way. just around the corner. wait i show you your seven-day outlook. that's coming up next. you can see your winds are starting to turn offshore a little bit in places like san jose. we are still getting enough of an onshore flow. for cloud cover, a pretty thick low clouds. keep that in mind. visibility has not dropped off just yet.
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we are watching for flight delays. a getaway friday. highs work out like this, not too bad just yet. not too hot. the hot weather comes into play for sunday as we head through next week. it is going to be scorching around here. 79 degrees in fairfield. 78 in livermore. 71 degrees in fremont. we will have your full forecast coming up. stick around for that. mike is here to help you get out the front door on time to get to work and get it over with for the weekend. hi. >> good morning. we all love our bosses but work, not so much. we are looking over here towards west 80. the flow of traffic. a lot of folks already here. he you a you are at the limit. this is pretty light. we are focusing on westbound as a commute and eastbound, a little bit of a blip. looks like it has cleared from interstate eastbound heading toward the car okay nis bridge. just after 2:00, deadly crash, stone valley road. that roadway is closed, stone valley road.
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that is a large roadway. i will follow that as they will let me know if they have to keep that closed for the time being. a deadly accident. the investigation will continue. you are okay on the on and off ramp there through alla mo. 580 and 680, the dublin interchange, no surprises. no slowing. a little blip here and there. state senator leland yee will be at the tesla headquarters in menlo park announcing some good news for green drivers. his sb-286 passed on the senate floor. it would extend the state's green and white sticker program until 2018. the stickers emission cars to drive in hov lanes even if there is only one person in the car. the golden state warriors bringing playoff fever back to oracle arena. with the series tied at one a piece, will steph curry wb healthy enough to play.
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he had to sit out of practice, nursing a sore angle he tweaked in game two. he is telling comcast sports bay area if the game would have been yesterday, he would not have been good enough to play. he is hoping the ankle will be better tonight. coming up at 5:00, we will take you live inside oracle arena where the stands are set and waiting for the ravid warrior fans to blow the roof off the joint. the sharks playoff tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m. you can get them on the line or on the phone. you want to get into the action live in living color, stand outside of hp pavilion. the ticket office handing out wrist bands between 8:00 and 9:00 and a drawing to determine which numbered wrist bands will be first in line. that happened at 9:30. go sharks. >> there you go. still early. it is 4:42. those new longer wait times at airports, they seem to be coming to an end. the move that will bring air
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traffic controllers back to the job. >> plus, what the president is doing today that no other sitting president has ever done in history. >> what the father of the woman killed by a lion at a california big cat haven is saying about the investigation into her death
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this morning, google
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cofounder and ceo, larry page, is overseas meeting with the president of south korea, discussing ways to use information technology to help boost economic growth. south korea's president has been pitching her new economy initiative calling for creating new markets and jobs by developing new technologies disney and some of the nation's largest movie theater chains making it tough to get tickets to the highly anticipated iron man 3. courtney reagan is live with the new disney deal made overnight. that and the market news good morning. futures are mixed after stocks faded late in the day again yesterday. still, the dow and nasdaq held on to gain. nasdaq having its best five-day winning streak. data on consumer sentiment this morning and a report on how the economy has performed in the first three months offer the year. gdp is expected to rebound thanks to the improving housing market and steady consumer
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spending. we won't know for sure for another 45 minutes or so. the dow rising 24 poinltts to 14,700. the nasdaq, 3289. president obama will meet with several business leaders at the white house. heads of companies that have large presence in mexico and central america. the president heads to the region next week. the group is expected to include the ceos of hershey food, archer daniel and procter & gamble. amc, allowing fans to buy advanced tickets for iron man three which reopens next friday. they have been fighting over how to divy up the box office take. disney had asked for 3%. after the recent success of the marvel super movies and the upcoming relaunch of star wars. several chains rejected and refused to sell tickets in protest. disney is still working things out with regal and cinemark. >> i am still planning to see iron man three. >> i am still planning on seeing
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one and two. >> you have your hands full doing other things good weekend for the movie thes. going in or out. >> it depends on where you live. the micro climate. it is that time of year but the bay area is so nice. if it gets too hot i have benla head 20, 30 minutes down the road to the beach where it is 20, 30 minutes cooler. we are getting to the time of year where you are going to see major separation for your highs inland. this morning, it is crisp out there. we are starting out close to 50 degrees. sunnyvale. 55 in san jose. a couple of 40s out there. overall, a nice, mild start to the day. as we head through this afternoon, warmer by 3-5 degrees. you will notice the difference. good morning to you. you made it to friday. we have a good-looking weekend if you want to get outdoors. however, higher elevations in the beach, that's going to be the place to be. we set the clock on your futurecast today. this is searching for fog. we think the fog is going to be
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at its thickest between 7:00 and 9:00 and we'll start to see the marine layer push back out. by noon, you don't have the fog hugging the coastline. by 2:00, all the cloud cover diminishes. gorgeous day. onshore flow for the first part of date will keep your temperatures rather mild. the jetstream stays way to our north. an early summer sizzle for us in the bay area holding on to this very warm pattern all wait through next week. look at these numbers for today in comparison to where we are headed today. highs, 70s. 71, san jose, 69, oakland. look at the seven-day forecast. this is most certainly the coolest day of the next seven. we will be in the 90s as of sunday. monday and tuesday, close to 90 inland. upper 80s by wednesday. holding on to the 90s. thursday, scorching around here. make sure you are ready for it. guys, plan the indoor activities with the kids maybe this weekend and for part of next week if you
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have them home with you. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:49. the father of the intern killed by a lion at a big cat sanctuary says he is satisfied with the investigation into her death. the sheriff's office says the death of 24-year-old diana hanson was a complete accident. she was killed last month when a lion escaped from a small feeding den. she apparently left the animal door open allowing the lion to escape. earlier, the u.s. department of agriculture found the big cat sanctuary had popular policies in place. a connecticut father that lost his daughter in the sandy hook is using music to heal the pain. late last night, jim amy green teaming up with fellow jazz musicians. green's daughter, she was one of the victims of the mass shooting
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last december. he wanted to help other families dealing with the same tragedy by turning to his love of music. proceeds from that event going toward a sandy hook family fund. it is 4:51. a historical moment for president obama as he will become the first sitting president to address planned parenthood. the president will be the keynote speaker tonight at a planned parenthood gala in washington, d.c. more than 1,000 supporters will be attend willing. they have praised the president's record on women's health issues and his defense for federal funding. he had originally planned to speak yesterday but canceled to attend a memorial for the victims of the west texas fertilizer explosion you know the recent long delays at airports. you may have run into a few. good news, they appear to be over. lawmakers in washington strike ag deal to put air traffic controllers back on the job. last night, the senate voting to use more than $250 million to pay the 1500 air traffic
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controllers forced to take a furlough day every other week. that was set aside for airport improvements and other projects. the house expected to approve that measure sometime today. the white house says the deal is good news but calls it a temporary fix. it is 4:52. making good on a bet. how san francisco mayor is paying off his super bowl bet. plus, the shock of a lifetime. how about this, a couple coming face to face with an entire pod of killer whales. >> that's no ipod. we are looking over at the san mateo bridge, smooth drive over to the water, clear. we'll show you what's going on for the east bay coming up.
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what will they say? it is time to pay up. san francisco mayor, ed lee in baltimore today for a little business of the super bowl related kind to be exact. in february, mayor ed lee made a friendly wanler with baltimore mayor that the 49ers would beat the ravens in the super bowl. i'm trying to remember exactly what happened. today, mayor ed lee making good on his bet. he is joining dozens of volunteers and members of the 49ers organization and nfl players organization for a day of community service in baltimore. mayor lee will also crack some blue crabbe and learn how to make a crabbe cake sandwich.
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that doesn't sound like a bad bet to lose. blue crab, crabcakes. i want to check the morning commute. is there one out there? >> on the major freeways, not much of a concern. the northbound side, a crew slowly moving north off of the high street high-rise and continuing up into downtown. road crews starting to pick up. little flips for 880. not a big deal on the map. we see a little bit of yellow through the construction area. my concern is on surface streets. a major one. international boulevard south of high street, a closure. because of the continuing police activity. christie smith, more on the details. take a look at this, mike. some pretty amazing video this morning. showing the rather playful side of killer whales. a florida couple were on a dive on a trip out in la paz, mexico,
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when a pod of about 20 killer whales started playing. back towards the boat. they were acting more like dolphins, really, jumping up and in and out of the water. the couple says the pod followed them for about an hour coming within inches from the back of the boat. experts say this type of behavior is extremely rare for killer whales but for almost an hour. can you imagine? >> very cool to look at. my favorite line that you had there, the playful side of killer whales. >> you have to get a bigger boat. that boat was going fast. >> still to come, the latest on the breaking news in oakland. a device that looks like a grenade has shut down streets there in oakland. >>
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. >> a grenade is found on a
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street corner. the bomb squad is on the way. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. you made it to friday a good-looking weekend shaping up. hot. 90s, mid-90s on the way. we'll sort it all out in your full forecast. >> while the peninsula is clear, we are following the closure. christie smith talking about police activity. we will talk about your traffic there as well as through alamo. >> a live look from san francisco. that is the embarcadero illuminated. i imagine you are feeling pretty good. friday, april 26th. this is "today in the bay." it is straight up 5:00. good morning, everybody. thank you for getting up with us. i am laura garcia-cannon. we begin with


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